About MAB Works

We are a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company in China focusing on the discovery and development of differentiated antibody drugs. We aspire to become a globally integrated biopharmaceutical company. Our mission is to translate the scientific breakthrough of immunology and cancer biology into novel antibody therapies, targeting a wide array of oncology and autoimmune diseases with large unmet medical needs and market potential globally and in China.

Building on our strong foundation in biomedical research, we have developed in-house proprietary antibody discovery and development technologies. According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, our ADCC-enhanced antibody platform is one of the leading platforms in the world to enhance NK-cell function through antibody glycosylation modification. It is also the only domestically-developed and clinically-validated antibody glycosylation modification platform with GMP manufacturability in China. Our multi-specific antibody platform enables us to develop antibodies simultaneously binding to different targets to achieve synergistic therapeutic functions. Our antibody platforms encompass the process from antibody discovery to development and allow us to design, evaluate, select and develop optimal drug candidates in an efficient and effective manner.

Leveraging our antibody platforms, we have developed a differentiated pipeline of eight clinical-stage drug candidates and various selected preclinical drug candidates by leveraging our proprietary antibody discovery and development platforms. MIL62, our Core Product, is the first domestically-developed third-generation anti-CD20 antibody entering Phase III registration trial in China. Our MIL93 is an ADCC-enhanced anti-Claudin18.2 with the potential to benefit a wide patient population. Our MBS301 is an ADCCenhanced, anti-dual HER2-epitopes bispecific antibody. Our MIL97 is an anti-CD40 antibody with high agonist activity and good safety profile.

Our industry leading antibody discovery and development capabilities have been recognized and validated through various strategic collaborations with leading biopharmaceutical companies in China. We have established collaborations with biopharmaceutical companies including InnoCare (stock code: 09969.HK), Keymed (stock code: 02162.HK), Betta (stock code: 300558.SZ) and Biocytogen at various development stages. We expect these collaborations to generate substantial synergy with our in-house development and help us maximize the clinical and commercial value of our pipeline products.